What Are Life Circles?

Life Circles are community groups centered around bringing the values revealed in Heaven's culture into daily life, aiming to impact and transform culture through revelation and impartation.

At Legacy Church, a fundamental understanding is that each individual possesses a circle of influence that they are entrusted with impacting and guiding. We each have a personal responsibility and stewardship within the community. Members are encouraged to recognize and embrace their roles as influencers within their respective circles, whether it be within their families, workplaces, and neighborhoods.

Through teachings, mentorship, and support, Legacy Church empowers its members to fulfill their roles as shepherds within their circles. This means not only sharing the principles of Heaven's culture but also embodying them in their actions and interactions. By fostering a culture of accountability, encouragement, and empowerment, Legacy Church equips individuals to positively influence their spheres of influence, ultimately contributing to the transformation of their region.


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